Will CobiT help me with cloud-computing?

Yes, certainly CobiT can help with cloud-computing.

CobiT is an IT governance framework and particularly two processes "Define a Strategic IT Plan (PO1)" and "Manage Third-party Services (DS2)" will give guidance on what you should do before and after selecting a cloud solution, how you could measure and monitor the value you gain as well as your risk exposure and who should be responsible, accountable, consulted and informed during the effort.

Business People vs. IT decisions

In my opinion!

Business people must take responsibility for the requirements related to the business processes they want supported by an IT solution, the information flowing into/out from the solution, and the information to be stored by the solution.

Development efficiency vs. Java, C#, etc.

I wonder...

Why has most of the software development society went backwards from fourth generation development tools to third generation tools?