Access Governance - a step towards better information security

Could your documents have turned up on WikiLeaks? If you do not have complete control over user access rights, the answer is YES.

With just 500 users, 100 systems and 100 folders there are potentially a quarter million user access rights to keep track of.

IT - not just a cost

Many mistakenly consider the entire IT budget as a cost.

This is by no means the case! A very large proportion of IT spending should be viewed as investments, even if it for taxation purposes is considered as expenses.

IT Governance for Mergers & Acquisitions

The first and probably most important prerequisite for a successful merger or acquisition is that you have a complete and well-defined future brand and value proposition for the resulting company. Next, you should perform a thorough due diligence process, not only looking at financial and contractual obligations, but also at the enterprise architecture focusing on business processes and the application portfolio, maybe with even more scrutiny.